These are a variety of workshops developed and presented by the Auckland Yoga Academy teachers or by senior international teachers. The intention is to provide you with the opportunity to examine in detail specific aspects of yoga which will be of benefit to your personal practice. The workshops will have both theoretical and practical components which can be applied to a home practice as well as a class setting.

Registration and payment

You can register for the workshops via our online shop by clicking the ‘Book now’ buttons. You can also register in person at the Auckland Yoga Academy.

Please note, unless special payment details are stated:

  • Full payment is required to register
  • A fee of $40 applies for cancellations more than 4 days prior to the workshop
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations within 4 days of the workshop

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Dena and Jack

Sunday 17 – Friday 22 November 2024


8.00 – 10.45amBREATH: Revision of the basics for both the fresh and the seasoned practitioner. METHODOLOGY: Exploring principals of movement for freedom and longevity. ASANA: An informative part-primary series.
10.45 – 11.30amBreakfast (bring it with you).
11.30am – 1.00pmACTIVE PHILOSOPHY: The integration of a seated practice. The practicalities of spirituality. CHAT & CHANT.

Monday – Thursday

6.00 – 6.30amMIND: cultivating stillness.
7.00am +PRACTICE: Part conducted concluding in Mysore style, a dance of self-enquiry.


6.00 – 8.15amMIND: cultivating stillness.
 REPETITION AND RHYTHM: A song of release and rest, of sound and silence.


  • Full course, 6 classes: $360.00
  • Sunday only: $120.00

Full course, 6 classes: $360.00

Sunday only: $120.00

Dena Kingsberg has been studying and practicing traditional Ashtanga yoga for over 35 years.
She is a devoted long term student of the late Sri K.Pattabhi Jois.
She remains committed, deeply inspired and continuously amazed by the vast healing potential of this life changing practice.
Dena has a disciplined, yet lyrical style of teaching. Her holistic approach looks beyond external form to inspire a passion for self-discovery and reflection.
Life is full and sweet.

Tender Ferocity.

An exploration of  Symbiotic dichotomy. The interplay between contrasting and interdependent relationships and concepts.

“There is strength in vulnerability.
Tears behind the laughter
there is beauty in sadness
freedom in discipline
Love leads to loss
loss to grief
grief to anger.
and anger to pain.

Things are rarely simple.
Especially people.
In order to best understand yourself and the complexity of others, a fluidity of perception is essential.
To be right about something
Makes one self righteous and rarely available to true understanding, empathy and compassion.
Self righteousness leads to arrogance.
arrogance to conflict.
conflict to more pain.

For yoga to work as a healing modality.
For it to be a support to your personal evolution for it to ease pain your efforts need to be coupled with ease your talking with listening  striving with surrender struggle with devotion tapas with Ishvara Ferocity  with tenderness”.