Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic system of yoga synchronizing movement with each breath. Each posture is linked with vinyasa in a flowing form. This movement coupled with Ujjaya breathing, acts to purify and strengthen the body and mind.

The Auckland Yoga Academy has daily classes in the Mysore Style and Beginners Talked Through. We teach the traditional form of Ashtanga Yoga with alignment.

The name Ashtanga is derived from the eight limbs of yoga as laid down by the great sage Patanjali. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois) is a dynamic system which gracefully synchronizes breathing and movement. Its objective is to promote a strong flexible body and focused mind.

The benefits of regular practice are almost immediate. You will sweat during practice, as this is necessary for elimination of toxins – an important aspect of this type of yoga. At the same time your attention will be focused inwards, so you will have a deep and effective relaxation at the end of the session.

Regular practice of Ashtanga Yoga will result in improved cardiovascular ability, physical strength, flexibility, breath control, balance muscle tone and loss of excess weight.

The Auckland Yoga Academy was host to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s New Zealand Tours in February 1999, and November 2002.

Read more about the different Ashtanga classes we offer:

Pregnant or post natal students

If you have never practiced yoga or you are a regular Ashtanga student with a history of miscarriages, we recommend you attend either our Hatha Yoga classes. We do not recommend you practice Ashtanga until after the first trimester.

If you chose to come back to Ashtanga after the first trimester (rather than Hatha), you need to let the teacher know and they will modify your practice accordingly.

Mysore style

Suitable for: Students who have completed 4 Ashtanga Yoga Beginner classes.
Note: $49 Beginner Intro Membership packages cannot be used in Mysore Classes.

Mysore classes are not talked through. The student works alongside other students on their own program of set poses supervised and kept safe by their teacher. This is the traditional way yoga has been taught for thousands of years and is recommended for students to experience their own developing practice.

You don’t have to be an experienced practitioner to enjoy these classes, just a desire to take control of your own yoga practice. All classes completed with a 10-15 minute relaxation period to relax the body and still the mind.

Mysore students can arrive anytime up to 1 hour before the class finishes.

There are six sequences in the Ashtanga System. The Primary Series detoxifies and aligns the body. The Intermediate Series purifies the nervous system by opening and clearing the energy channels. The Advanced Series, A, B, C,and D integrate the strength and grace of the practice, requiring higher levels of flexibility and humility.


Beginner classes are a fixed series (Primary Series up to Navasana) of talked through basic poses simplified to suit the absolute beginner. The basics of breath, vinyasa (connecting poses), sun salutes and the bandhas (locks) are taught in atmosphere to suit beginner students. Students who have trouble with jumping back can step back, trouble with holding the plank (push up) can drop to the floor, etc. Students with back and knee problems are kept safe through simple modifications to the more difficult poses.

Beginner 1 hour (Beg 1hr)

These classes are a dynamic 1 hour class, with modifications and resting poses for the new beginner.

Special offer: 10 – 15 year olds can attend any Ashtanga Beginner 1 hour class for free when accompanied by an adult – limited to 2 children per adult.

Beginner 1.5 hour (Beg 1.5h)

These classes are longer by half an hour, further increasing stamina, strength and flexibility.