BENEFITS OF STANDING POSES ( Images of Helen Nicholson – Senior Hatha Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Academy) 

  • Teach us to stand on our own 2 feet.
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  • Invigorate heat and strengthen the entire body increasing circulation  and stamina.
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  • Corrects spinal imbalances and teach us to conduct force through the body ie., as we give our weight to the earth there is a rebounding upward force that rises through the legs, that can be used to elongate strengthen balance and release the spine. Because the spine is a relatively neutral position these postures are some of the safest and most effective for correcting spinal imbalance.
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  • In addition to correcting muscular and skeletal imbalances, standing postures as a whole form a complete and balanced practice that includes twisting, forward bends, side bending, backward bending and balancing. A standing forward bend even serves as a mild inverted posture for those who are flexible enough to bend all the way down.
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