Now Xmas is over and summer is in full swing it is time to be consciously consuming foods full of anti-oxidants and nourishing vitamins and minerals. There is nothing like a post Xmas clean up campaign!
It’s now or never.

So start by easing off the sweeties by giving these healthier sweets a whirl in your blender and  then pop them in your carry bag for lunch at work. They are especially good as the blood sugars drop at 2pm and you find yourself hovering by the Snack Machine full to the brim with chippies and chocolate.
Ingredients and Recipe:

1 pkt organic raisins

1 pkt organic figs

1/8 jar unhulled tahine

2 tbsp manuka honey (optional if you wish to have a sweet version)

3 tbsp Loving Earth Organic Raw Cacao powder

3-4 tbsp Equagold Premium Dutch cocoa powder (optional- if you like a bitter strong chocolate taste).

Use ¼-1/2 cup toasted sesame seeds to cover each bliss ball

(You can soak the dried fruit in a little tiny bit of water for easier blending.)

fig bliss balls 1

Use a powerful food processer to blend the figs, and raisins, until s they are roughly blended and then add the tahini, honey (if desired) and cacao and cocoa – and blend until it becomes paste like.

fig bb 2fig bb 3

Remove from blender .Roll into small balls and then roll into toasted sesame seeds

fig bb 4