New students

New students

The Auckland Yoga Academy has many classes suitable for students who have no prior yoga experience.

Everyone is welcome!

Before you come, read the list of frequently asked questions below. If you have questions not covered on the list, please get in touch with us.


The priority of all Yoga Academy teachers is to keep students safe in their practise. However, we cannot do this without your help. For this reason, we will ask you to sign a waiver to confirm your understanding of a few key points. Click the link below to view the waiver.

Frequently asked questions

Which class should I attend?

There are two types of yoga classes for you to choose from:

Ashtanga Yoga

Beginner classes are a fixed series of talked-through basic poses simplified to suit the absolute beginner. The basics of breath, vinyasa (connecting poses), sun salutes and the bandhas (locks) are taught in atmosphere to suit beginner students. Students who have trouble with jumping back can step back, trouble with holding the plank (push up) can drop to the floor, etc. Students with back and knee problems are kept safe through simple modifications to the more difficult poses. A regular practice of Ashtanga Yoga will result in improved cardiovascular ability, physical strength,flexibility, breath control, balance, muscle tone and loss of weight.

Hatha Yoga

A safe, sure way to health, vitality and well being for people from all walks of life and ages. Hatha Yoga is a wonderful balance of stretching and strengthening postures tailored to suit individual needs. It teaches precise alignment with attention to detail. Time can be spent in the poses discovering correct alignment of the pose. Hatha Yoga is good for back care and people with injuries. A good stretch for sports people. Eases pain and is good for back care and injuries including RSI (OOS).

How much does a class cost and how do I pay?

The cost of a casual 1 hour class is $29 and casual 1.5 hour class is $34.

You can enroll and pay via the MindBody app or at our reception. Download the MindBody app using the buttons below:

Don’t forget about our introductory offer. Intro pack: $49 unlimited beginner classes for 30 days.

For more information go to the pricing page.

Do I need to book?

You can book online by clicking here, or you can download the MindBody app below:

What should I wear?

We recommend a sports top, singlet or tee shirt with shorts or footless tights. You want to be able to move comfortably and without restriction. No shoes or socks are worn during class.

Please remove your shoes before you enter the school. You can leave them on the shoe rack just inside the door or you can keep them with your belongings in the changing room.

Do I need to do anything special before I come to class?

You will be more comfortable if you don’t eat for two hours prior to your class. It’s OK to have a drink of water before class.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your yoga clothes and yoga mat, if you don’t have one we sell mats in our yoga shop.

Bring a towel if you want to have a shower. You can hire a towel at the school if you need to.

What will happen when I arrive?

Turn up at least 5 minutes before the class start time to talk to introduce yourself to your teacher and enroll and pay if if you haven’t already done online. 

When you get into the class, lay your mat out on the floor and wait on your mat for the teacher to come in and the class to start. We sell mats in our yoga shop.

Don’t forget to switch your phone off or put it on silent! A ringing phone is very distracting for other students, the teacher, and of course for you.

Find out more about our facilities here.

Where can I get changed? Where can I leave my bag?

We have two changing rooms – one for males and one for females. There are showers in each changing room, and two toilets separate to the changing rooms.

Take your valuables into the class with you. You may leave your bags in the changing rooms. We don’t have lockers.

Don’t forget to switch your phone off or put it on silent! A ringing phone is very distracting for other students, the teacher, and of course for you.

Are there toilets at the school?

Yes, we have two unisex toilets.

What if I'm not flexible?

No problem! Yoga is about strength as much as it is about flexibility. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to attend a yoga class!

How hard will the class be? What if I need to stop?

Our beginner classes are designed for people who have had no prior yoga experience (as well as accommodating more experienced students). If it is your first class your teacher will make sure you are positioned somewhere in the room where you can easily see another student to follow if necessary. The teacher will give some specific instructions to first timers, including explaining modifications to poses if you are finding them difficult, and how to take a rest if you need to.

Can I leave the room if I need to?

We encourage you to stay in the room during the class, although you can certainly pop out to use the bathroom if you need to.

If you know you need to leave early, please let the teacher know so he or she can tell you how to leave without disturbing other students too much.

I'm pregnant. Can I attend?

Pregnant students are recommended to attend our Hatha classes after the first trimester.

Read our tips for practicing yoga during and after your pregnancy here.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

More questions?

We look forward to seeing you!