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Yoga teacher training

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Being one of the oldest and largest yoga schools in Australasia, the Auckland Yoga Academy (established 1991) is committed to passing on the traditional teachings of yoga that originated in India. We aim to ensure these teachings survive and continue to be a path that helps us to organise life as a transformative space, and to realise the true nature of our mind and our heart.

The teachings of yoga have been handed on from teacher to student for over 5000 years, with the intention of preserving its essential scientific method.

By honouring the yoga lineage, students at the Academy are taught the pure essence of the eight limbs approach. The teachings are packaged into an accredited Yoga Alliance training course that initiates aspiring yoga teachers into their long and everlasting journey to becoming not only competent instructors and ethical business owners, but setting them on a path of personal growth and transformation.

The Auckland Yoga Academy is a fertile learning ground in which the teacher trainees are able to practice their freshly-learned teaching skills on real paying students of all body-mind types, in multi-leveled asana and meditation classes.

Most years the Auckland Yoga Academy is able to offer at least 2 – 3 graduates teaching positions as well as the opportunity to apply to do continued study as apprentices. Feedback from graduates who have gone on to seek employment in gyms, corporate yoga schemes and community yoga schools strongly indicates that the Auckland Yoga Academy trained teachers are widely sought after.

These are not six week, quick fix courses. These are for the serious, dedicated and sincere practitioners who appreciate this powerful discipline, understand the time and dedication it takes to learn yoga, and who want to share this knowledge professionally for the good of all.

Yoga Academy’s teacher training overview.

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YA800 One Year Part Time Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Part Time Ashtanga Yoga Courses
6 Months: Foundational Teacher Training
12 Months: Intermediate Teacher Training

Apprenticeship One Year Part Time Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

12 Month Level One Advanced Apprenticeship Training


Meet the teachers

Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson

Director of the Auckland Yoga Academy
Jude Hynes

Jude Hynes

Director of Training

Together, with over 75 years combined teaching experience in both the Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga disciplines, Jude and Peter now pass on the ancient Ashtanga Yoga tradition, as taught to them in Mysore, India, by their guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, who received the vinyasa method from his master, T. Krishnamacharya and he from his master Ramamohan.

Right here and right now is where everything important is happening.Wherever your mind applies its full power of attention, there you make a seat for yourself.
– Rig Veda

These instructors have had the real experience of learning yoga in India. For those seeking the authentic experiences as taught by real yogis this is the opportunity of a life time. Few of us can fly off to India to learn from the masters. We are so lucky to be able to learn from those who have. It is the next best thing. The atmosphere of the Yoga Academy is authentic in its spiritual underpinnings without it being forced upon the student.

Dr. Barbara Schaffer PhD

Yoga Academy Graduate 2010

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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