Apprenticeship One Year Part Time Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

This is a one year, part time course for students who have completed the YA800 training in Ashtanga Yoga at the Auckland Yoga Academy.

Up to 3 graduates from YA800 are accepted each year to go onto the one year Apprenticeship. They receive over 700 hours of rich intense training in a real classroom environment at the Auckland Yoga Academy. Jude and Peter work as coaches and mentors developing a close working relationship passing on the deeper knowledge that they learnt in Mysore, India over 18 years.

The trainees work  at least 4 hours a week beside their tutors, closely understudying skills and knowledge to enhance the practices of pure beginners, intermediate and more advanced practitioners of the first and secondary series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Important note: Training is hands on and focused on trainees becoming potential teachers at the Auckland Yoga Academy. At the successful completion of the Apprenticeship, students may apply for teaching posts at the Academy, however the availability of teaching positions are limited to those becoming available through natural attrition (i.e. existing teachers leaving).


In order to be considered for this course, the student MUST BE a graduate of the YA800 One Year Part Time Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course as taught at the Auckland Yoga Academy and mastered all poses in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.


The journey of searching something meaningful. 3 weeks, time fleets! It has been a wonderful journey with this whole bunch of like-minded people… the vibration, the frequency were just so in tune. The sharing of thoughts, laughs, tears, emotions, tolerance, joy, happiness, helping and encouraging one another also made it very special! I can’t thank you enough for our great teachers Jude Hynes and Peter at the Yoga Academy for this whole experience, it is very valuable, something we will long remember and apply into our lives. You always seem to find a good balance between being humorous, sharing a lot of interesting stories, making us laugh out loud and being strict, bringing us into discipline when we “misbehaved”. And yes discipline gives us freedom instead of restricting. May we continue to have this great energy flow within ourselves, live with ease of heart and be happy. I will miss so much the healthy and nutritional breakfast every morning, I have learnt so much from everyone!! Looking forward to the next one.

Sarah Cheng

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