Testimonials from some of our teacher trainees

It was an amazing journey here with Auckland Yoga Academy, I am very grateful to Jude and Peter and all the other lovely teachers, they are so professional and devoted. I feel very lucky that I choose this teaching program and I’m looking forward to the next half year training and the continuing daily practice with them together. This program is designed in a very scientific, systematic way, it is for sure a holistic training. We learned so much knowledge here other than asana practice: anatomy, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, Ayurvedic lifestyle, etc. I think I changed in a good way step by step, not only in physical body but more in the mind, I learned patience over ambition, I have more compassion and care to myself and I am inspired by these teachers every day and I firmed my determination in yoga path. To sum up, it is awesome and I love it! Namaste.

Iris Wenjiao

Auckland Yoga Academy offers 6, 12 or 24 months training, which is such a rarity among the 3-week to one-month trainings usually offered around the world. Throughout half a year I was immersed in the yoga world and the opportunity for real-life classroom teaching. Jude and Peter have a wealth of wisdom and experience; they’ve provided me with a solid foundation of anatomy and philosophy, and I feel truly confident to teach safely and holistically.

Emily Peng

My decision to begin the teacher training course at Auckland Yoga Academy has been without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. My experience in the last 6 months has been invaluable. Jude is an incredible and inspiring teacher, both in a class environment and in yoga teacher training. The course is extremely well structured and mentally, emotionally and physically stimulating. To have the wisdom and understanding of Ashtanga yoga, the asanas, and the philosophy passed on from directly from Jude and Peter through their many years’ experience in Mysore is something I will be forever grateful for.

Brooke Marr

Jude is a strict yet loving and kind and wise teacher that I respect from the bottom of my heart. The experience of learning yoga with her will be a lifelong fortune for me.

Jessie Tao

The teacher training program is awesome! I am very grateful for having this opportunity! This is not only I can get a certificate, but more importantly I can keep going one thing what I like, and I saw something changed in my body and spirit! Thank you Peter and Jude for teaching us, and looking forward to next block course! Namaste!

Josie Zhou

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to get trained at Yoga Academy(New Zealand). Much appreciation for the professional and kind support from Jude and Peter, and also feel lucky to be around with the lovely group. It`s an incredible journey, words are not enough to express my gratitude. Namaste, Ling

Ling Wang

Thanks to my graceful instructor Jude . 道可道,非常道;名可名,非常名。jude 帮助我们回归身体,找到与身体的良性关系。 用一种循序渐进,很有次第的方式,让我们培养起觉察力,看到自己在关系中的偏执,进而回归到更加自然的状态中。值得用一辈子的时间慢慢体会身心灵联结的感觉

Chuan Huang

I am so grateful for doing (and continuing!) my yoga teacher training at the Yoga Academy Auckland with Jude Hynes and Peter Nilsson. Their year-long course has been the perfect framework to deepen my own yoga practice and develop as competent and skillful teacher. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Catherine Phillips

Teacher Training at the Yoga Academy is authentic and thorough, coming from a love and respect for the practice and a commitment to passing it on. All who complete the training are left with a firm foundation from which to build their teaching practice. It was suggested to me that teacher training at the Auckland Yoga Academy would be an upgrade to my life. It was.

Ben Seymour

Taught with conviction, passion and honesty. Jude’s love for education, her students and their students is evident every minute of every hour, every day. It has been an incredible journey.

Ron Fox

The Yoga Academy offers an authentic immersion into the teaching of both Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. There, I learned how to teach Ashtanga Yoga. The teaching emphasis was on mastery of technique as well as safety in performing and teaching the many poses and asanas. I graduated a confident yogi able to run my own class as well develop my own personal practice. Jude and Peter were my primary teachers. They are products of decades of personal Ashtanga practice with Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, the Ashtanga Master. Their connection to the lineage of this yoga style is critical for serious students seeking an authentic yoga experience, not just a physical workout. I am forever grateful for what I have learned from them and I continue to study with them as mentors in my yoga journey.The Yoga academy has been operating for many years and is a proven haven for all serious yoga students in the city of Auckland.

Barbara Schaefer

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