YA800 Ashtanga Course 2024 enrolment

Spaces available on this course: 17/20

Complete this form to enrol in the Intermediate Teacher YA800 or Beginner Teacher YA400 Part Time Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course. You must have a knowledge of the basic yoga poses (no need to have lotus pose) to enrol.

Please read the prospectus thoroughly before you enrol.

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i.e. How long have you been practicing yoga, what style of yoga have you been practicing, how often do you practice on a weekly basis, is meditation included in your practice of yoga, what schools or teachers have you studied at/with.
A statement (a few sentences) that you do meet the minimum requirements for competence in asana, e.g. I am proficient in: salutes, standing poses, basic sitting poses (i.e. forward bends, twists and boats), basic back bends (i.e. setu bhandasana and urdhva dhanurasana, and inversions.
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